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On Being Liberal in Tough Times

There’s no question that this is a challenging time to be a federal Liberal. Yes, we’re currently in the uncomfortable position of being the third party in Parliament and yes, some typically short-sighted commentators have written us off for dead. … Continue reading

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Moving on from the Convention

To my fellow federal Liberals, especially those of you who served as delegates to our recently-completed Biennial Convention, thank you for your overwhelming expression of support. When I chose more than a year ago to stand for National President, I … Continue reading

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At the convention

I’m now in Ottawa for both the Thursday Council of Presidents meeting and for the Convention itself, the culmination of a year devoted to campaigning. Win or lose on Sunday, it has been an exhilarating year in which I met … Continue reading

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Campaign Financing Transparency

While I won’t have time to write any blog posts during the Convention, I thought that I would share with you this following answer that I just posted to an important question that was posed to all presidential candidates in … Continue reading

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Empowering young Liberals

On Wednesday night, I was grateful to participate with my fellow presidential candidates in a fundraiser and debate organized by the University of Toronto Young Liberals. We had a great discussion about the role of youth in our party, and … Continue reading

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Transformative Leadership

Stepping back from the fray for a moment, it’s clear that the current LPC presidency campaign is doing little to help delegates make informed choices.  Simply put, we’re unlikely to survive without transformative leadership.  The May election results weren’t an anomaly; they … Continue reading

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The Passing of Tom Kent

I was deeply saddened this morning to learn of the passing of Tom Kent, former principal secretary to Lester Pearson and architect of our Party’s revival in the 1960’s. Tom was 89, increasingly frail, but still an active writer and … Continue reading

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Preliminary Reactions to the “White Paper”

As a candidate for LPC National President, I am constantly being asked for my position on the “white paper”, a term which is variously used to refer to the 7-page “A Roadmap to Renewal” summary document which has been officially … Continue reading

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More on Empowerment

I spoke of empowerment last week in my post on The Liberal Renaissance at the Riding Level. On further reflection, I’ve come to see empowerment as a fundamental lens through which we should evaluate everything we do and propose to … Continue reading

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Differentiating the Liberal Caucus

This afternoon’s Caucus Accountability Session at the Liberal Party of Nova Scotia AGM opened with a great video of the best questions recently asked by Liberal Critics in the provincial Legislature. It powerfully depicted an intelligent, effective Caucus focused on … Continue reading

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